Sport as a New Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

The scientists recommend doing sports every day if you have sexual disorders. They believe that physical activity may have the same effect as medications, for example Sildenafil. Sildenafil is an active substance in Viagra and it increases the blood flow to provide erection naturally.

It is recommended to take the medication shortly before the intercourse. Do not abuse this medication as overdosing may have a negative effect on your vision or even cause a heart attack.

Erectile dysfunction may occur at any age. Nearly 9% of men in their 20s and early 30s have erectile dysfunction.

Sports instead of medications

The scientists from the University of Porto have been studying the methods to manage erectile dysfunction. They have been observing 500 men at the age from 43 to 69 years old for 8 weeks.

Some of those men were having daily physical exercises, including aerobics, and the rest were not. The results showed that sports increased erectile dysfunction index by 3.85 points compared to men who did not exercise; and the maximum was 25 points that is typical for men who do not have erectile dysfunction.

The scientists insist that erection problems may be solved in a gym. Regular exercises may replace any medications.